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Advanced Technology

Technology to Enhance Your Patient Experience

Dr. Laifer and Staff take great pride in our use of modern, “state of the art” technologies, materials and techniques so that your visits will be more comfortable and to enable your restorations to last as long as possible.

Digital X-rays – Lower X-ray Exposure and Instant Images

The use of our revolutionary Digital X-ray system in all our treatment rooms reduces radiation exposure by 80 to 90 percent compared to standard x-rays. We can enlarge the images in areas of potential problems to make an accurate diagnosis at an early stage and discuss the results with you as you view your x-rays on our large , clear computer monitors. 
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Intraoral Cameras – See What We See

Our miniature TV camera on a small wand allows you to view your teeth in full color, high resolution video right at the dental chair. You can then make an informed decision in deciding your treatment choices. Best of all, it displays the work that we have accomplished: caring, quality dentistry that we’re proud to show you.

Diagnodent - Early Detection of Decay

Dr. Laifer performs a simple and painless dental examination using the DIAGNOdent, a laser scanner, which helps us to detect small spots of decay at their earliest stage. Using this instrument enables us to repair these small lesions quickly and painlessly without the use of a dental drill. In this way, more extensive dental procedures can be avoided.
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Ultrasonic Scalers – Gentle and Thorough Cleaning of Teeth

Our team of highly qualified, very experienced dental hygienists use ultrasonic scalers to gently and thoroughly remove excessive tartar, plaque and stain buildup from your teeth so that you can have a younger, brighter and more beautiful smile.
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Air Abrasion – A new alternative to a drill

This wonderful instrument rapidly and gently sprays away decay with narrowly focused puffs of a microscopic size powder. It takes the place of the dental drill in the treatment of small cavities. The result is a smaller micro-preparation done in less time with no noise and no anesthetic needed. A white filling material is then placed to create a small filling that is virtually invisible.
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Easy Shade Scanner- For Perfectly Matched Dental Crowns

The sophisticated Easyshade  Scanner gives an instant and accurate shade measurement  which enables Dr. Laifer to precisely match your new crown(cap) to your natural teeth through use of a highly precise digital spectrophotometer that rests directly on the tooth.
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Quiet and Smooth Electric Handpieces – More Precise Restorations

Our advanced European-made electric handpieces allow us to prepare your dental restorations in a more precise and efficient manner with greater comfort for our patients.
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Cosmetic Dentistry is a great and affordable way to improve the way you look and feel. You can brighten your appearance with a better smile.
Regular Checkups Getting regular dental checkups is a good idea in order to maintain dental health and handle small problems before they become big ones.
Regular Cleanings Regular dental cleanings are an important component of dental health.
Teeth Whitening can be done in one session and can make a big difference in your appearance and confidence.

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