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Our Philosophy

(We're working toward it every day)

And we’d like you to become part of our dental family.

Excellence and quality. Two simple words that sum up our goals of dentistry here in Cresskill. How do we achieve this end? Hard work, compassion, and an unwavering commitment to our patients. We reaffirm this resolution every day, in everything we do, in small ways as well as the obvious ones.

Some things you'll notice that we do:

Work to make the patient's experience as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

Use state-of-the-art techniques and materials.

Greet patients with a smiling face, a kind word, a gentle approach.

You will be seen by a warm, friendly staff who knows you by name; Our long serving staff has been working with our patients for decades.

Make the time for "follow-up" telephone calls after many procedures.

Available by cell phone at all times, to keep in touch.

These are also part of our commitment to excellence:  

The sensible use of Low Dose X-rays

Minimize x-ray exposure- the sensible use, where needed, of modern, tested equipment with high speed digital x-rays (up to 90% reduction in exposure) and lead aprons.


The depth of our concern with thorough modern sterilization and infection control procedures, every minute, every day.

Two steam-heated sterilization units (autoclaves) tested weekly; sterilization of all instruments and dental hand pieces; disinfection of trays, counters, chairs; use of as many disposable items as possible; meticulous attention to details.
We take our responsibilities seriously.

Even technology is part of the picture:

A computer system for immediate answers to patient questions; processing of insurance forms electronically (daily electronic submission); tracking patient dental needs.

Having Intra-oral cameras in all 4 treatment rooms with large video monitors so that you can see what we see, and enable you to participate in the treatment decisions that affect you.


And we're always "getting better"

Through seminars, meetings and advanced professional studies, we update and renew our skills. Our aim is to keep improving and growing professionally.

We know that quality dentistry doesn't happen by itself. We're working toward it every day. And when our patients sense it, we know that we're getting there.


Cosmetic Dentistry is a great and affordable way to improve the way you look and feel. You can brighten your appearance with a better smile.
Regular Checkups Getting regular dental checkups is a good idea in order to maintain dental health and handle small problems before they become big ones.
Regular Cleanings Regular dental cleanings are an important component of dental health.
Teeth Whitening can be done in one session and can make a big difference in your appearance and confidence.

Office Location
210 Knickerbocker Rd.
Cresskill, NJ 07626
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